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Team Building Activities

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Build Effective Teams - Develop Communication Skills
Problem Solving Exercises - Motivational Games and Exercises

A great selection of Team Building Activities in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, South Coast, Newcastle and Canberra.

Team Work Activities -Team Building Development

Team Building Activities are a great way to motivate and invigorate conference delegates. Sydney is a destination that offers conference organisers many opportunities for Team Building and Social activities.

M-Power Accommodation recommends a selection of companies that offer a wide variety of Team Building activities. Sydney has a massive backyard that offers a great variety of locations and environments. Conference organisers can choose from outdoor and adventure activities such as paintball or skirmish, treasure hunts or rock climbing, maybe some water based activities such as corporate sailing on our magnificent harbour, learn to surf on our world famous Sydney beaches. Your delegates might prefer some more sedate and relaxing indoor activities such as cooking, art or music classes.

Motivation Teamwork Change Management Leadership
  • LOCATION : : Aust & N.Z.
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Change Management
    • Corporate Culture
    • Motivation
  • CAPACITY : : 10-3000
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361
  • EMAIL ENQ:   Peak Teams


Adventure Learning Simulations

At Peak Teams they create, design and deliver compelling content for conferences and meetings. One of the ways they do this is through tailored adventure learning simulations. This is a company with a first class reputation for planning and initiating team building programs and professional corporate development activities along with facilitating cultural change and employee engagement.

Over the past decade, Peak Teams has embarked on expeditions in some of the most remote environments on the planet. They film these adventures, and build inter-linked scenarios based on what actually happens. The process engages participants from the moment they enter the room. They form teams and make decisions as if they were adventurers on an expedition.

The highly visual and user defined learning experience provides the opportunity to practice key business skills in a challenging environment.

One of the popular Peak Teams adventure learning simulations is 'Sea of Change' - see the video here

Contact us for more information.

Knee Hanging from a Trapeze Large or small groups Forming a Pyramid Swinging from a Trapeze
  • LOCATION : Sydney
    Indoor: St Peters (All Year)
    Outdoor: Centennial Park (10th Nov - 17th Feb)
    • Flying Trapeze and
    • Circus Activities
  • CAPACITY : 20 - 120
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361
  • Sydney Trapeze School

Sydney Trapeze School

Learn to Fly

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Or have you ever wanted to experience the rush and adrenaline of swinging eight metres above the ground and being caught mid-air?

The Sydney Trapeze School, the one and only Indoor Flying Trapeze School in the heart of Sydney, offering Flying Trapeze Classes to corporate groups and conference delegates in a safe, fun and motivating environment. Located in St Peters & Centennial Park. The trapeze school offers lessons in flying trapeze, circus and aerial arts as well as juggling.

Circus Experience (minimum 20 people)

This experience is catered for larger groups who are interested in learning several circus acts. There are a number of activities on offer to teach; aerial arts, plate spinning, juggling, tight rope walking, stilt walking and of course the Flying Trapeze.

The number of different activities taught in your experience will vary depending on the number of students. 1 activity for every 10 people is recommended (i.e. for 30 people you would have flying trapeze plus a choice of 2 other additional activities).

  • Plate Spinning Learn to spin a plate continuously using only a plastic stick. You will even learn the tricks on how to pass a spinning plate along to your workmates, keeping it spinning the whole time!
  • Juggling Learn to juggle three balls at the same time and show off your new learnt skills to your mates!
  • Tight Rope Walking Test out your sense of balance on our tight wire, show your workmates you can walk the fine line!
  • Silks / Tissue Learn how to perform beautiful poses and shapes on two pieces of fabric hanging from a single high point. This activity will really test your flexibility and strength!
  • Lyra / Hoop Using only a metal hoop suspended from the air, learn how to perform daring positions and shapes mid air.
A man with a clay rifle - Pinnacle Team Events Climbing a giant air-filled climbing wall  - Pinnacle Team Events Archery Target - Pinnacle Team Events Girls throwing casino dice - Pinnacle Team Events
  • LOCATION: Sydney
    • Team Building Activites
    • Motivational Speakers
  • PHONE: +61 2 9318 2361
  • EMAIL: Pinnacle Team Events


Motivation Speakers, Day Events & Night Entertainment

You may be wondering what sort of corporate teambuilding you're in for at one of our conferences. You can expect inspiring conference speakers who'll motivate your team to greater things, activities such as group stretching and laser clay shooting, plus our famed night entertainment. It is this overall teambuilding package that has given us a great name for team building in the Hunter Valley and team building in Sydney and surrounds. Don't wait too long to find out what a blast one of our conferences really is.

Our team building events bring an element of excitement to your culture and we truly believe that our brand of teambuilding is an essential part of your companies growth and success. Contact us today!

Sailing Boat and Crew on Sydney Harbour - East Sail Sydney
  • LOCATION: Sydney
    • Corporate Sailing
    • Sailing School
    • Yacht Charter
  • CAPACITY: 10-12 per boat
  • PHONE: +61 2 9318 2361
  • EMAIL: East Sydney Sail


Sailing Regattas, Treasure Hunts and Team Events

EastSail offers a variety of team building events, such as sailing regattas, treasure hunts and team challenge. All events are fun, exciting and a little or very competitive, depending on the occasion.

Regattas are a very popular team building event and under the guidance of a professional skipper, colleagues need to work together in different roles onboard to bring the yacht to its maximum speed given the weather conditions. Teams are placed in matched yachts, so crossing the finish line depends on the performance of the crews.

EastSail we prides themselves on 5 star customer service and regularly entertain corporate clients looking for that special team building experience. They can cater for everything from small intimate groups of 10 up to 400 guests and have a team of highly qualified, friendly staff waiting to assist with your event on one of the world's most spectacular Harbours.

Girls having fun with Cheeky Food People about to Dine Alfresco with Cheeky Food Cooking over a large flame - Cheeky Food A team building cooking class
    • Team Building Cooking
  • CAPACITY : 7 - 700
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361
  • Cheeky Food Group


Team Cooking

Let Cheeky Food Group inspire your team, clients or conference delegates to create their own unique restaurant. Cheeky events are 100% fun and interactive and your delegates will love it! They’ve held nearly 1,000 events onsite at hotels, so they can even come to your conference.

Cheeky Cooking Parties are perfect as an interactive Ice Breaker, Welcome Party, Pick-Me-Up Lunch, Cocktail Soiree, Breakfast Kick Off or Farewell Party with music, vino and FUN! Cheeky are so confident your team will be ‘fired up’, they GUARANTEE it. Ask them how.

A Cheeky cooking event provides the ONE Activity and ONE Budget, but with TEN Solutions!

  1. Scalable for 7 to 700 delegates at ANY hotel or venue – no kitchen needed.
  2. Perfect for all ages, genders, cultures, management and fitness levels.
  3. No special skills needed, so everyone can be part of the fun and success.
  4. Can be held onsite, saving time and the cost of transporting groups.
  5. Combines a magnificent meal and a team activity, saving even more time and dollars.
  6. Fits into any busy agenda with events from 1 hr to full day.
  7. Can be tailored to reflect your conference theme. Each event is unique.
  8. Is a breeze for you to organise as Cheeky manage all the logistics.
  9. Provides the day or evening entertainment in the one price!
  10. 9 years experience you can rely on.

Ho hum cooking class? No way. They create an “Event” always focussing on the WOW factor. 50,000 people have cooked with Cheeky over the past 9 years & given a 100% YES to recommending them. Their clients’ feedback is amazing and they love what they do, enticing even the most die-hard non-cooks to join the fun.

People having fun outside Luna Park - BeChallenced Corporate Team Buiding People sitting on the beach - BeChallenced Corporate Team Buiding Team about to put a raft into the water - BeChallenced Corporate Team Buiding Team high-five each other - BeChallenced Corporate Team Buiding
    • Adventure Activities
  • CAPACITY : 20 - 200
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361
  • Be Challenged


Corporate Team Building Events

BeChallenged is a corporate Team Building company with plenty of experiences in providing an inclusive activity that suits your purpose and your personnel. They offer a broad range of indoor or outdoor Team Building challenges and that can be enjoyed for a few hours, a whole day or through an evening. Some examples of popular activities are;

The Amazing Race

The prize may not be a million dollars and you may not cover all the corners of the globe but the fundamentals of the race remain the same: the team that shows superior speed, cunning and teamwork will come out on top of the rest. Roadblocks, detours and yields all become part of a successful day in which groups learn a lot about themselves.

Community Challenge

Is your business not only looking out for a great way to improve teamwork and morale in the workplace but also looking to put something back in to the local community that supports you? This challenge gives participants a chance to do something hands on and in the process provide immediate and tangible benefits to some of the less well off members of our community.


Who wants to Survive? Face team challenges where only the most cohesive team will win the day. The tribe who wins the most challenges wins the most immunity necklaces. The tribe with the most immunity necklaces will be in the best position to become survivor champion at tribal council.

BeChallenged believes that teamwork, effective communication, and leadership are the foundations of an effective team. They aim to design team building activities, team building games, and team building exercises that are tailored to your specific objectives and in doing so they aim to ensure a positive and rewarding experiential learning event that will have lasting benefits in your workplace.

A raly car spinning it tyres in the dirt - Big Stick Adventures A sailing team on a boat - Big Stick Adventures Two sea kayakers - Big Stick Adventures A man kkydiving - Big Stick Adventures
    • Adventure Activities
  • CAPACITY : : 20 - 200
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361
  • Big Stick Adventure


Outdoor Experiences & Adventure Activities

Big Stick Adventures can recommend and implement a range of amazing corporate experiences, this is a Team Building company that specialises in offering adventurous incentive and team building programs. Big Stick Adventures will build corporate programs that are aligned to a corporate strategy and your desired team dynamics, programs and experiences that will give your team or your delegates something to talk about for years to come.

Some of the amazing experiences that Big Stick Adventures can offer include;

  • Helicopter Flights
  • Tiger Moth Flights
  • Sky Dive
  • Rally Cars
  • Harley Davidson Rides
  • Mountain Biking
  • Horse Riding
  • Jet Boat
  • Sailing
  • Surfing

The people at Big Stick have a background and qualifications in corporate strategy and team enhancement which enables them to deliver first class team building and staff incentive programs that have a measurable return on investment.

Bikes 4 Tykes - Hidden Door Team Building Sushi Masterchef - Hidden Door Team Building Team Graffiti - Hidden Door Team Building Win It In A Minute - Hidden Door Team Building
  • LOCATION : : Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth
    • Team Building
  • CAPACITY : : 20 - 200
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361
  • Hidden Door

Hidden Door

Creative Team Building & Amazing Experiences

Hidden Door is a well respected highly experienced group that offers a wide range of Team Building experiences in a variety of locations.

  • Challenge Activities are popular for Team Building, whether it’s a ‘Great Race’ or ‘Team Apprentice’ style challenge these events are heaps of fun and a bundle of laughs as each group tries to out smart their mates and win office bragging rights
  • Creative experiences provide activities based around Art and Music, allowing your team to express themselves, painting, dancing, filming or singing.
  • Food & Wine Team Building Activities are designed to excite your palate, energize your team while expanding food knowledge and wine appreciation in a fun and competitive environment.
  • Well Being activities that will reward the community or local charity, that will give your delegates an experience to nurture mind, body and spirit.
  • Adventure Activities will give your team the opportunity to test themselves in the great outdoors, treasure hunts, sailing or driving experiences will provide a memorable day and a great chance to bond with colleagues.

Hidden Door can create a program of Team Building experiences or a one off event for any size group. Hidden Door has facilitated Team Building events for some of Australia’s biggest and best known companies.

A large group of singers on stage - Song Division The band practicing on stage - Song Division A small group of singers - Song Division The group writing a song together - Song Division
    • Team Building Song Writing and Performing
  • CAPACITY : : 7 - 1,000
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361
  • Song Division


Song Writing & Performing

Song Division offers a team building experience that will enhance creative thinking and performance in any industry through collaborative songwriting sessions.

You will write original songs, not just change the words to a classic rock anthem or this weeks pop sensation. With guidance from some of the world’s best musicians you’ll work together writing original songs that capture values of your company or the theme of your conference. Your delegates will achieve something that they didn’t believe that they could do whilst having some serious, creative fun!

Songdivision is a global company that started in Australia and was the first company to offer a team building program of this kind. The facilitators are experienced and well credentialed music industry professionals and will work with groups of all sizes to build energy, reinforce key company messaging. The company specialises in conference energisers, incentives, team building, gala dinners and awards, fundraisers and experiential marketing campaigns.

High Ropes Confidence and Team-Building Surfing Team-Building Activities Mountain Bike Team-Building Non-Competitive Team-Building Programs
    • Rogaining
    • SAS Commando
    • Geo-caching
    • Wilderness First Responder
    • more...
  • CAPACITY : : Any
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361
  • Adventure For Life

Adventure For Life

'Life is not a spectator sport'

Adventure for Life’s team building and incentive programs are 100 per cent customised to achieve specific outcomes for your business. Whether you want a two hour conference activity, external facilitators, or a multi-day incentive package, Adventure for Life has the creative ability to deliver a program that will motivate your staff and improve your bottom line.

Some of the Team Building activities offered by Adventure For Life include: Rogaining - a team based navigational challenge 'Wilderness First Responder', 'SAS Commando', Yoga, Tai Chi, Geo-Caching - a high-tech treasure hunt, Surfing, Go Karting, Clay Target Shooting, Canyoning Abseiling. Please enquire for more information on any of these activities.

The Buzz - Marketing Challenge Alpha Challenge - Adventure Challenges FUNdamentals - Time & Resource Challenges Kendo Master - Focus & Trust
  • LOCATION : : Australia
    • Team Building
    • Team Development
    • Themed Events
    • Leadership
  • CAPACITY : : Any
  • PHONE : 02 9318 2361


Team Building & Development

Tebu is a well respected company that offers Teambuilding and Team Development activities in locations accross Australia. Tebu is known as a provider of activities and programs that are imaginative, engaging, heaps of fun, these activities are tailored to your specific requirements and offer exceptional value for money.

The Teambuilding Events offered by Tebu deliver a variety of benefits to your staff, they will encourage engagement with your corporate objectives, they will motivate, they will help identify strengths. Tebu events are also entertaining, fun and delivered in a relaxed environment by enthusiastic facilitators.

Some of the activities offered by Tebu include:

  • The Buzz - The assignment is to create an ingenious pitch to position your company services & products unlike ever before that will not only have your competitors cursing, reeling and gasping for air but will also create new growth opportunities for your Organisation.
  • The Alpha Challenge - Adventure in the outdoors as your team perform an unusual rescue mission. Combines all the facets of the outdoors into one challenging and fun to do team challenge. With the eyes of the nation upon you it is now your team’s chance to shine…there’s not a minute to spare… A top secret Government message is hand delivered to your team. With little information to go on, you manage to lay your hands on such things as a compass, GPS, metal detector, kayaks, a shovel and car keys among other things.

Tebu offers a wide range of additional programs and activites. Contact us for more information.